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Before the 25-year-old December, I went to New Zealand to wander alone. That year is not a good thing, some difficulties have to be spent.

Before I went to New Zealand, I stayed in Sydney for a few days, stayed at a friend's house (please have dinner for a night, haha!), my friend bought a bag of transparent plastic wrap cashew nuts at QVB station, I Unforgettable - it's so delicious, I have eaten the whole package once. Then make a special trip to buy. Another person finished eating and bought again. Surprised by the heavens: Caramel is true-bitter-sweet bitter sweet caramel, and the happiness of eating is born.

I continued my backpack journey. Every time I saw someone selling candy nuts, I would buy some to try. I tried seven or eight models that were not as amazing as Sydney. I will never forget.
After returning to Hong Kong, I thought that it would not be difficult to make a coke candy. There will always be people selling it. After waiting for several years, I couldn’t find it, so I simply thought of my own hands.

It turns out that caramel is not difficult to cook. There is sugar and heat. With a little cinnamon, the exact taste of Sydney is back. But after a day, at the hot and humid room temperature in Hong Kong, the coke candy became syrup-coated nuts.
How is this good? Alone Better Together. Happiness is to be shared with others!

I am unwilling, I started to study the characteristics of different sugars on the Internet, and I even bought back the coking papers from the Department of Food Science of overseas universities. I don't want to add artificial honey powder, and I don't want to add cocoa butter (chocolate taste and oily taste over the caramel). Do not stop to try the right test, and finally improved to a caramel recipe that is more resistant to moisture and heat, and has a finer taste deviation.

It is difficult to set up a business than to make it for friends. To cater to the tastes of different people, please do different A/B test for friends, choose the packaging, design the logo, think about the market positioning, publicity and think how to go, set up the company, set up the company bank account and so on. The preparation process is long; I have asked myself why.

To make money, there is a faster and easier way for Hong Kong to be everywhere. But when I put the caramel cashews in the mouth again, the familiar taste will remind me of my original intention, remembering myself at the age of 24, and the happiness of that kind of food. Everything is worth it.