Nutky禮盒(小) Nutky Giftbox (Small)




Nutky小禮盒以三種雜錦果仁中選兩種:1) 焦糖雜錦果仁、2) 原味烤焗雜錦果仁、煙燻雜錦果仁,每款200g,送禮得體貼心,令人食得開心~#純素 Nutky Small Giftbox contains 2 out of 3 flavors of Nutky's signature mixed nuts, 1) caramel 2) oven-baked and 3) smoke and salted, 200g each. Pretty packing with delicious nuts makes a perfect gift! #vegan * 購買後三個工作天內出貨,之後運送時間大概2-3天 ** 運費定價$30,可選擇順豐到付,買滿$500免運費 * Ship within 3 working days, transmit time 2-3 days on top ** Fixed shipping cost HK$30. Free shipping over HK$500 (產地來源—杏仁:美國,腰果:越南/印度(視乎時令),合桃:美國,夏威夷果:澳洲 Country of origin—Almonds: America, Cashews: Vietnam / India (Depends on seasons), Walnuts: America, Macadamias: Australia) 食用期限:兩個月 Best consumed within 2months

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